A Friend is.... 朋友就是 ....(A to Z)

Accepts you as you are 接受原本的你
Believes in "you"  相信你这个人
Calls you just to say "Hi" 打电话给你只是想说声"嗨"
Doesn't give up on you 从不放弃对你的信心
Envisions the whole of you  预期你总是尽全力
Forgives your mistakes  原谅你的过错
Gives unconditionally 无条件地付出
Helps you 帮助你
Invites you over 邀请你
Jest "be" with you 静静地在你的身旁
Keeps you close at heart 靠近你的心
Loves you for who you are 因你原来的样子而爱你
Makes a difference in your life 使你的生活与以往不同
Never judges  不间断
Offers support 支持你
Picks you up  扶你一把
Quiets your fears 止息你的惧怕
Raises your spirits 鼓舞你的心灵
Says nice things about you  跟别人述说你好的那一面
Tells you the truth when you need to hear it 当需要时会告诉你实情
Understands you 了解你
Values you 重视你
Walks beside you 与你同行
X-plain things you don't understand 解你的疑惑
Yells when you won't listen 当你不理性时叫醒你
Zaps you back to reality 把你拉回现实

Maybe you have many friend, But how many of them can finished A to Z ?
朋友」也许你有很多,但真正能做到 A TO Z 的又有几多个呢?

Please have Good care for your good friend.

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